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Thursday, August 18 2016

There are some important milestones in life that once achieved transform one into a better person. A bachelor will change his philandering ways once he finds the right woman to settle down with. He becomes a family man and focuses on providing for them. This is always so inspiring because it teaches us to value the most important things in life. A family get-together, a corporate function to celebrate the company's achievements, a wedding anniversary, a birthday celebration or an engagement party all make you appreciate the beauty of life in a manner that you did not do before. When you are a DJ, you get the opportunity to play at some of these gigs. So far they have been a real eye-opener for me.

People love great music and wonderful entertainment because that is what makes a party awesome. I try my best to keep the patrons entertained and help them have a good time. In my line of work, I meet so many new people, all with different life experiences and backgrounds. I get to meet people who challenge my thinking and in the process make me view things from a different perspective. You can't succeed in this life when you are close-minded or live in a cocoon. I have come to appreciate the diversity of mankind and had the pleasure of interacting with people from various cultures. I have learnt a lot from the people that I have spent time with during these special occasions.

I get inspired by young people who found love against all odds and eventually took the bold step of walking down the aisle. Whenever I perform at a wedding party, I take the time to ask the newlyweds about their journey and how they knew that they were ready to take that step. The stories I've heard so far have made me believe in loyalty, commitment and speaking your mind to the person that you are in a relationship with. In an era where young people are so skeptical about love and commitment, these events have surely been an inspiration.

Family get-togethers have made me realize the critical value that being in touch with your close relatives plays in your life. I have come to know that the most important things in life do not really have monetary values. It's always so good to see the loving embraces, listen to the hearty laughter and hear good-natured conversations. People waste so much time chasing after things that do not matter and ignore the ones that will stay even when they lose it all. These experiences have surely made me a better person.

Being a DJ has also made it possible for me to meet some wonderful people in life who have transformed my life in a major way. Top executives at corporate functions have given me very good tips on how to grow my brand. They have also been very helpful in giving me referrals and this has seen my business grow. I must say that along the journey, I have met some new friends and created lasting relationships. I have truly grown as an entertainer and become a better version of myself.

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Wednesday, August 17 2016

Most couples engage in heated debate on whether to hiring a DJ or band for the wedding ceremony, cocktail, or dinner. The pros surrounding DJ services express the reasons most event planners prefer event DJ over a band. For the past six years, the DJ market has grown tremendously. A simple laptop coupled with music, lighting, a sound system and expertise defines the DJ business outgrowth.

A broad continuum of guests bearing different music taste attends a wedding. Other than the bride and the groom, the young and the old generation from various locations attend a wedding. With a DJ, rest assured that everyone will dance to a favorite tune. This is a very nice way of capturing the entertainment needs of various guests. From classics to modern, A DJ offers an endless variety of music. The ability to play Dolly Parton, Katy Perry and John Legend creates a terrific playlist that keeps the guests happy to the end. Thus, the capability to play an array of music than live music makes DJ services fashionable.

A memorable wedding consumes a lot of money. However, the event planners try hard to minimize expenses. In that case, the DJ services are cost effective compared to a band. A typical band comprises of four or eight people against one guy or girl with a laptop. A great DJ can cost $ 1,000, while a grand wedding band demands several thousand dollars. Thus, the cost disparity is incredibly huge.

If interested in a less pushy approach to a wedding, then a professional DJ is the way to go. Self-effacing DJ maintains stable excitement on the dance floor as well as channels the attention to the couple and their celebration or dance floor rather than the stage. Thus, a well-equipped and organized DJ efficiently addresses the unique needs of a wedding. With separate systems, the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception feature unique music. Most bands commonly perform at the reception only.

The combination of a series of quality music characterized by reliable instruments and vocals sounds great at any level of volume. Thus, with a vast collection, the DJ keeps your guest dancing without any breaks. The DJ is also able to adjust quickly throughout the event based on the circumstance. On the contrary, bands are limited to the number of songs they best play. Most of them can do 15 to 30 songs at the reception. Very few bands can play a wide genre of music to meet the taste of guests based on age and location.

Have you ever imagined a set of songs for your wedding, then, think of a DJ. He will play your favorite songs. A DJ will play the preferred processional music allowing the bridesmaids, flower girls, brides and her father to move down the aisle in style. Most people want to make their wedding day memorable. Thus, with a DJ, the prelude, pre-processional, processional, reception, cocktail and evening party will feature enticing music. With a wedding DJ, a wide range of music entertains your guests from the beginning to the end making the day memorable.

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Wednesday, September 02 2015

Understanding most young couples that are making plans to hire a cheap DJ for their wedding aren't really saving any money at all. Hopefully before making a decision you may regret later. Here are some things to consider.

If you really think it's expensive to hire a pro DJ for your wedding, wait until you hire an inexperienced DJ.

1. There is a high likelihood that a really inexpensive (or free) DJ won't be ready to go when your wedding day arrives.

Some low-estimated DJs aren't sufficiently charging to bolster their own particular organizations for the long haul; you're simply financing their fun little side hobby. In the interim, your wedding is 6-12 months away or more.

We have received many calls over the years from frantic couples who had a "companion of a companion" DJ fall off the face of the earth by not answering their phone or text messages, some just outright cancel at the last minute. It's not a beautiful site.

Would you like to encounter the likelihood that the low-priced or free DJ has gone broke or went out of business before your huge day?

2. Novices DJs don't really have a vested interest into their execution than a professional wedding DJ.

The beginner DJ is doing it "for no particular reason, just for fun" and if something turns out badly, it's not a major ordeal. A professional wedding DJ, then again, chances his or her whole notoriety and job with each event. One awful comment can devastate his or her business and they know it.

At one wedding, the DJ brought along his wife and infant. Their table was covered with burger rappings and his wife chose to breastfeed the child a midst a beautiful wedding supper.

Wouldn't it make sense to have a professional DJ who is massively invested into his or her business and presentation on your wedding day, rather than somebody who does it just for the fun of it?

3. A wedding is an extraordinary occasion that require the abilities and experience of a wedding master for a smooth, faultless wedding ceremony and reception gathering.

It's about more than simply playing music. Your wedding DJ is in charge of arranging the course of events, organizing the presentation and stream of occasions, working with your different merchants, dealing with the visitors, perusing the group and verifying the right melody is played at simply the opportune time.

Indeed, even a DJ who is very experienced in the club setting will be at a misfortune in light of the fact that he or she just isn't acquainted with the stream of occasions and how to counteract debacles when something goes amiss.

One very unpracticed DJ asked a bride and her grandpa out on the dance floor at an event, with surprised look he then realized he neglected to overhaul his event notes. The whole family began crying on the grounds that Grandpa had passed away two weeks before.

Is it true that you are willing to put the result of your wedding in the hands of somebody who doesn't "do" weddings professionally for a living?

4. Your wedding reception guests won't move without an accomplished performer who can read the group and keep the energy going.

You need to play the right melodies at the opportune time and organized appropriately to keep people on the dance floor. Frequently, the mind-set changes and your DJ needs to change music to keep everyone dancing.

In the event the DJ can't blend songs very well, you could have gaps in the music or really off beat tempos that may upset your wedding reception guests and they give up and just leave the dance floor.

Numerous wedding couples feel that giving a beginner DJ a song list of some of their favorite songs will be sufficient to make a fun wedding. This is certainly not the case. You should require somebody with experience to work with your party guests music requests and what songs make your wedding guests remain on the dance floor the entire time during your event.

One of the bridesmaids we spoke with at a wedding once time told us her friend regretted hiring a cheap DJ because they played the same slow song every time there was a request for a slow dance. The DJ did not know any other slow songs to play.

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Tuesday, September 23 2014

Wayne Willems is a top choice if you are ever looking for a wedding DJ in Arkansas. Wayne has provided DJ services  to hundreds of wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions, company functions, class reunions, birthday parties, social events and festivals in the state of Arkansas over the years. Wayne Willems has also trained over 60 local DJs since the beginning of Little Rock Entertainment Agency.

Wayne has a passion for entertaining crowds and the skills to really get the party in full-swing. He likes to say "Every event is special to the person throwing it and it is special to me, so I always make sure they get my best".

Not only is Wayne a wonderful talented DJ, he is also a gifted musician and singer. This has been very helpful becoming a great DJ, it has helped Wayne understand what kind of music people really enjoy at an event. Wayne say, "If you feel the music, you love the music and that's what it's all about".

Wayne has traveled the entire state of Arkansas as a professional DJ and provided his DJ services to hundred of events and entertained crowds sizes from 20 to 4000 people at a time during an occasion. He always mentions, "Every event I have ever worked as DJ, it was fun and the people were awesome and it was a party none of us will ever forget".

If you are looking a for a wedding DJ or an event DJ you can trust to do a great job, Wayne Willems is that DJ. You will not be disappointed with his cheerful attitude and great DJ skills. I bet you'll call on him again and again!

DJ Wayne Willems from Little Rock Entertainment Agency

Little Rock Entertainment Agency


Ph. 501-396-9435


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Monday, September 22 2014

Live wedding bands are becoming more and more popular at wedding parties lately in Arkansas. Almost everyone who's thinking about getting married generally seems to want a live wedding music band. Certainly, this is not surprising when you consider the many advantages that live wedding music bands will bring to a wedding reception.

In comparison to music played by an ipod player or a professional DJ, a fantastic live party or wedding band adds a rather unique quality for the tunes that are performed. It can no doubt make the wedding celebration memorable for the ones getting married and to their reception guests.
Live wedding bands are good to book but might take a lot of your energy to search for, which is especially true in the event you have had no working experience before. Listed here are things to consider any time you're searching for a live band for your wedding reception.
Do some searching online. Search online and search by location. You will probably be astonished to see that there are lots of choices in your own town. Booking a live wedding band that lives in the same city as you will usually be helpful and saves money for the wedding bands travel expenses. 

Request an mp3 of the wedding bands performance. Check their website to determine if they have some music samples of what they play or videos of the wedding bands live shows. In this way, you'll be able to assess the quality of their musicianship and singing and how good they perform in front of a crowd. You may also see them perform live on stage if they have an event in your community. 

Ask around. Word of mouth are ordinarily a good way to obtain lower rates for live wedding bands. It's also possible to receive some good suggestions or ideas from other people who have booked bands previously. Any time you ask around you'll more than likely get suggestions flowing in from all directions. You'll just have to examine all the information, write down a list of options, and then begin looking at each band separately.
Tell the wedding band about the details of your wedding reception. After you have decided on the perfect wedding band, then tell them about the things they should be aware of when it comes to the wedding reception. For instance, do you want the band to wear a certain attire? How late do you need the band to preform? Do you want the live band to preform during the marriage ceremony or just at the reception? 
Give a song list to your live wedding band weeks before the wedding day. If you can, let them have a list of music and songs you want them to perform several weeks before the wedding reception. By providing this list in ahead of time, the band will have enough time to rehearse themselves with the music. All it requires is just a little advanced planning and one of the many great live wedding bands around to make your very special occasion something memorable.

If you would like to take a few steps out of your wedding planning visit:

Little Rock Entertainment Agency
Ph. 501-396-9435
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Thursday, November 15 2012
Arkansas Wedding DJ - Little Rock Wedding DJ

Music and talent booking agents obtain work for musicians or acts. The booking agent negotiates when and where the band or artist will perform, as well as the compensation terms of the contract. Many music and talent booking agents operate on their own, while others work for talent agencies.

Music booking agents schedule live performances for his or her purchasers. To do so, they have to network with venue operators, music promoters and other booking agents. They handle all money matters in connection with the date and coordinate the programming logistics. In states that need licensure, booking agents are restricted from acting managerial duties. Where they're less restricted, however, music booking agents may additionally  be involved with promoting the events they book.

At Little Rock Entertainment Agency we provide a vast array of entertainers for all types of events. So, if you are planning a wedding reception, party, prom or corporate event we offer some of the best entertainers in Arkansas.

Visit our website to learn more about us and view our entertainers: 

Little Rock Entertainment Agency - 
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